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What We Do

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Executive Search / Consulting

It takes a very specific type of person to recruit and attract high-level C-Suite or key growth professionals into a company. We have search professionals who handle talent at this level with specific assessment tools, interview and screening processes, and more to find the best fit. Give us a call to discuss if our Executive Search Team is a good fit for you.


Direct Hire / Permanent Placement

We run a specific interview and screening process for direct hires based on spending time up front with you and your team. During that time, we're learning about your company, culture, and growth plans, so we can make sure we're able to identify the best fit across all dimensions that matter.

While most recruiters work on a percentage of salary basis, we work on a flat fee basis in order to keep your search investment on budget and find the right person based on your requirements.

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Contract Staffing

Try before you buy. Or, hire for shorter term projects. Give us a max bill rate per candidate or work with us to determine a specific markup percentage.

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